NYPA & Israel Smart Energy Challenge
General Context Questions:
These questions are to be answered to give ISEA and NYPA a better sense of the company and the context of the market that they participate in. These questions are not graded.
Provide an overview of your solution. Summarize its purpose and value that it provides. Please note how it will benefit NYPA and increase grid reliability, energy efficiency, storage and demand flexibility. [400 words]
Provide a brief description of what you envision a pilot with NYPA or NYPA customers. Provide detailed Pilot plan. [400 words]
Please describe your high-level business model and Go To Market strategy. [250 words]
Who is your target customer? Describe the extent to which you have validated the value of your product/solution with customers. [400 words]
Questions for grading with help text:
1. Novelty:    Please describe how the technology/solution compares to state-of-the-art?

Describe what is UNIQUE/DIFFERENTIATING about your solution compared to existing approaches. Please compare your company’s product with competing products, that you are aware of, on the most relevant performance parameters. Be as quantitative as possible and refer to data you have collected as much as possible. [400 words]
2. Feasibility:    Describe the end technical goal relative to its current state?

Note any tests, demonstrations, pilots or 3rd Party validation projects that you performed on or with your technology. Please provide detail about any partners or customers involved, as well as any laboratory results regarding performance. [400 words]
3. Technical Advantage:    Describe any IP or other sustainable competitive advantage.

Please list patents filed below, including title, patent number, filing date, and status of each filed patent (e.g., application, granted, expired). If provisional, please provide a brief, non-confidential summary. [150 words]

Does your team have other intellectual property, such as trade secrets or other sustainable competitive advantages? If so, please describe and include references to supporting data. [150 words]
4. Team:    Please describe how your team is prepared to execute the business plan?

Please list the primary team members who will be working on the project below including name, role, and a summary of relevant experience. Be specific with respect to their current involvement with the company/team. If members of your team or company have any relevant outside affiliations, please also describe them. Do you have any advisors/mentors, external companies or development partners? If so, please also describe them and their involvement below. [400 words]
5. Business Model/Market:   
Please describe how a future project would present a clear value to NYPA. What evidence is there that the model would be replicable with a path towards scalability?

What are your key development milestones in the following categories: technical, business, fundraising, and team building, for the next 6 months? [400 words]

What challenges do you foresee to meeting your milestones and how do you plan to address them? [400 words]
6. Competition:    Describe why your product is defensible and an order of magnitude better than the current competition.

Describe the market opportunity. How big is this opportunity and who is your competition for capturing this market? [400 words]
7. Fit:   
How do the technology and solution align with NYPA’s strategic objectives or accelerating the commercialization of energy storage and/or other flexible resources for the electricity grid?

Additional Information:
These questions are used to provide additional data to provide more context about the company. Questions 8 and 9 are used to evaluate financial viability.
8. Please indicate how much outside funding you have raised and from what sources.
9. Please attach your most recent consolidated financial statement.
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10. Indicate the current development stage of your product using Technology Readiness Level (TRL). Use this link for guidance

11. What is your team/company’s legal status – not incorporated, LLC, corporation, 501(c)3, Ltd.?
12. Please attach the resumes of the primary team members and advisors.
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13. Please upload a 10-slide-max investor pitch deck
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This is a one-time submission. Please review your application to ensure complete before submitting.